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Hello again! Did you miss me? I missed you. There’s been a lot of drama that I’ve been storing up just for a grey, free afternoon such as this.

So, I’m getting married in June (ostensibly. Once we’ve actually booked a few things, we’ll know for sure). When my gamer boy proposed, the first thing I got excited about was my bridal party. Who was my gamer boy going to ask? Who should I ask? Did I only want my sister, or some close friends as well? Delicious possibilities abounded.

Then I did the thing that got me into this mess. I opened my mouth and asked an old best friend to be my bridesmaid. Without consultation, without consideration, I had bridesmaid #1.

Then I asked my three current besties – a girl, a guy and my sister – to be my bridesmaids. Suddenly the count was a four, to my gamer boy’s two. Worst of all, I knew where I’d made the mistake.

Which brings me here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for advice – I know where I went wrong, and I know what I’m doing to fix it. I guess this is more or a cautionary tale – when weddings are involved, don’t do ANYTHING without careful consideration and consultation with your other half.