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I’ve joined Pinterest.

Yes, after months of thinking, “Oh, it’s just another social media fad,” I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon. And you know what prompted it? These shoes. Courtesy of my new favourite shoe blog.

I am in love. And for six hundred pounds, I think it’s going to be a long, unrequited slog. So I grabbed them the only way I could – by pinning the photo. (Sorry. This is a very link-heavy post.)

And now I’m stuck. All my favourite photos, in all their varying and clashing goodness, will be up online for everyone to see – and for me to browse, any day of the week.

I’m warming to this concept very quickly. I may even have to link you in, just in case Pinterest becomes my new Indie Press Review (I doubt it. I just want you to see all the pretty things in my life).

So come on over, and see the prettiness that is Pinterest. Who knows – maybe you’ll get hooked too!

Sidenote: A little thing I bet you didn’t know about Pinterest.